Iritahamasanso useful page

Welcome to our house!


Thank you very much for booking our house named “IRITAHAMA SANSOU”.

We have created a “For guest Page” that gathers frequently asked questions and points you need to know in use!
Please share this page with your group members!

※※please note※※
The links on this page are for reference only. Information can not be guaranteed at our house. Please use the information as a reference only, and in the end, check and judge by yourself.


Shimoda city info
Shimoda city Beach info



When you arrive at Shimoda station, we recommend you to go information center at first. And check your bus timetable or around information.

 This guide map is helpful for you!

Access from Shimoda station


-by yourself

Some company is available for English telephone order. *Please refer to below phone number.

TEL:0558-22-3156(Easy English available!)
Eikyo Taxi (Japanese only)
HIFUMI Taxi(Japanese only)

 ・Tell them like this…”Come to in front of convenience store, “seven eleven KISAMI” “, or “Come to IRITAHAMA SANSO” is best way to let them know your place.

・Please tell them “How many people” , “Your name”and “Direction”.

-You need to our arrange?

If you couldn’t call, Please email us through Airbnb by 5pm the day before your request date.

We will call to taxi service for you. But I can’t respond ON THE SPOT. Please let me know IN ADVANCE.

*Taxi company, we can’t reserve in advance especially in summer time. So I have to call taxi company 15 minutes before yours request time. I need to time for prepare. So please let me know in advance.

Comunal Bus

Nearest bus stop is “IRITA” bus stop. That locates along to route 136.

*However, it is inconvenient because that time schedule is not fit for our checking in or out time. And If you have big luggage, or climbing a mountain is also difficult, so we recommended to use a taxi.


●IRITA bus stop(Direction for SHIMODA station)


●IRITA bus stop(Direction for IROZAKI)

Sorry…. NO image….

When you come from Shimoda Station to “IRITA”, you are dropped off at this “IRITA” bus stop whrere has no-hut, only one signboard. It is near the “Chinese restaurant MOMOKAWARO”.

The bus stop (for Shimoda Station) is a little away from our site.

●Bus Rate

about 270 yen among Station and Irita.

*We prepare “IRITA” Bus Stop’s timetable in your room.

For car/Parking

Please book in advance. You can use the parking lot from 15:00 on the check-in day to 10:00 am on the out-day. (Only for one car is available for free.)

[Information on other parking lots]

The business period, the charge, the details, etc. we can’t get hundle on our side. Please check on your own.

Parking in front of IRITA beach. HAMAGUCHI parking.


Parking information around SHIMODA city


Every guests use Hot water shower for free!

Next to the caretaker’s hut, there is a hot water shower booth.
※ Please cooperate with water saving.

Avoid mosquitoes…

Here, it is a villa site that opens up the slope facing the sea side in the mountain where nature spreads. There are huge mountains behind us. Although insect sprays are available in the room, it is impossible to keep them away. Since it is a villa area with a mountain, please enjoy after taking step to avoid insects by your self.

Also in the BBQ field, we recommend to use mosquito block by yourself. (* Insect repellant seems to be more effective if applied directly to the skin than spray-type. In the case of a beach sandal, it is safe if ankles and fingers are firmly coverd)


About caretaker

Our caretakers have lived there for a long time. So we welcome you with big plesure!
However, they are usually absent from the caretaker’s cabin. Because they are mostly moving around for maintenance of mountains and cottages. Please understand.

If you have any questions, please contact us through Airbnb.


Keep your luggage before check-in or after check-out?

We are very sorry to bother you but we couldn’t keep your luggage.
As mentioned above, caretaker has other working everyday, so it’s impossible to take luggage to you at your request time.


What kind of place?

Our site is located on steep slope and has many stairs. Please be careful. It’s better to bring carry BAG than suitcase.



Please let us know every things through Airbnb mail foam to your host.

Host is not on the site, so host arrange your requests. So please let us know in advance.