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View from cottage's living room.
Every property offers spectacular ocean views!
These breathtaking views draw many repeat customers.
White sandy beaches and crystal-clear water!

About our cottage
Every property offers spectacular ocean views! These breathtaking views attract many repeat customers.


Cottage Irita-hama Sansou is located 3.5hour south of Tokyo with a clement atmosphere.
Japanese style room is comfortable and relaxing with kitchen facilites,for all rooms.

And this property is conveniently located only 7 minutes on foot from the sandy beach, and a number of restaurants (open seven days a week) are only 5 minutes away.

Within 2 minutes’ driving are a convenience store,and within 10 minutes' driving are Shimoda Aquarium, the Kua House hot springs, and the Dolphin Beach, where one can play with live dolphins.

Local Attractions

Shimoda (下田) is a city on the Izu Peninsula , southeast part of Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan.
Shimoda is a city from the south end of the Amagi mountain range to the Pacific Ocean given richly and naturally.A beautiful spectacle in Shimoda is characterized in a wonderful coastline that reaches steep mountains and about 47km that continues from the Amagi mountain range. Moreover, the annual mean temperature is clement by about 17 degrees, and precipitation is abundant 1900mm through the year.

we can enjoy various flowering plants and fruits from the subtropics to the sub frigid zone in all seasons according to such a comfortable climate and the geographical features condition.It is a charm of this city with abundant and fresh marine products that the Black Current brings.

Historically it is famous as the place where Commodore Matthew Perry of the U.S. Navy arrived with his "black ships" in 1853. This led to the signing of the Convention of Kanagawa, effectively ending Japan's 200-year era of isolation from the outside world.

Many history inheritances of Japan are in Shimoda. Many temples and traditional japanese houses are also left behind. Some traditional Japanese-styled houses are now cafes. There are also many promenades which can take a walk along the seashore, and the guest who does a long stay also never gets bored.

Moreover, in Shimoda, the yield of a landing is No.1 of Japan. ZUGANI and a spiny lobster are also famous. There are also many Japanese-style food places which you can fully taste of Japan.

Self catering
We don't serve any meals . You can use kitchen and utensils that each room generally provided every time you like. And also , you can enjoy outdoor BBQ looking down at a beautiful sea and beach. there are places where you can eat and buy some foods 5-10 minuites from our cottage by car.Convenience store(Lowson and family mart) is located also 5 minutes by car.You can spend the time your own pace , that is guaranteed.

We offer reasonable and functional accommodations with 9 properties.The visitor of many foreign countries also appreciates.


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